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Satisfied customers shine a spotlight on your business with positive reviews and recommendations. Use Masternaut’s tracking, routing and geofencing solutions to delight your customers and keep them coming back for more.

streamline operations

increase customer satisfaction
Provide exact arrival times & re-route in case of delays

service one more customer a week
Reduce time at the depot and increase customer visits per driver

meet SLAs & prove it
Evidence attendance and speed of completion before deadline

integrate information flows
Connect our API with your systems for updates in real-time

how tracking helps

Ever had customers call in to ask when your driver would be there? Provide reliable answers with the click of a button. Our customers use vehicle GPS locations to:

  • Let customers know of delays
  • Set up alerts to show when vehicles are returning to the depot
  • Use a big screen in the office to see live vehicle location
  • Prove time and date of attempted deliveries or attendance
  • Bill customers on exact mileage driven
Masternaut technology being used within a call centre
find nearest feature on screen

optimise routes and 'find nearest' feature

Can you get an emergency visit in today? Is the right vehicle type available?

Get your people to the right place in the shortest time, by using our platform to identify closest drivers and optimise routes.  

  • Pinpoint live vehicle locations from your office or smartphone
  • Highlight the vehicle closest to the job
  • Find the best person for a job based on driver skills or tools
  • Plan most direct routes for individual vehicles
  • Inform drivers of better routes

API integration

Service more customers faster by accessing telematics data in real time, within your existing software solutions.

Pull data from Masternaut into your systems, or vice versaOur team are experts at integrating with systems like:

  • Fleet databases
  • HR systems
  • Real-time positioning systems
  • Invoicing tools
  • Customer service systems

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The Yorkshire Pie Company produce and packaging

The York Pie Company

With visibility into vehicle locations, The York Pie Company have the confidence to accept last minute orders.

“Our deliveries vary daily, so routes change. Being able to get in an extra delivery every day gives us those extra sales that make all the difference.”